Fuse.. what?

We love ColdFusion and we also love CFML.

We heard from our clients and even new developers that managing a local CFML development server was a daunting task and spending more time with code would make things more fun! You know what makes things fun at the start of a new project? Having things just work!

We think we have a great start on a project aimed at making CFML development faster, easier and more Fun!

Fusegrid SDK provides a fast, lightweight, cross platform server deployment to develop your CFML applications. Developing your CFML apps on the Fusegrid SDK will ensure a simple transition to the Fusegrid Cloud. The Fusegrid SDK makes use of the blazingly fast Railo Open Source and Jetty, an extremely lightweight and stable Java Web Server.

Getting Started

NOTE: Make sure you have a Java JDK installed already, if not, we recommend the official Java JDK6

1) Download the SDK: http://github.com/Fusegrid/fusegrid-sdk/archives/master

2) Extract project to disk, keep in mind that is portable and put it wherever you would like, even usb drive: [your-fusegrid-sdk-folder]

3) Launch Fusegrid SDK:

  • FusegridSDK-win.bat (windows)
  • FusegridSDK-mac.sh (mac)
  • FusegridSDK.sh (linux)

Fusegrid SDK is now serving up Wheels goodness at http://localhost:8280


The Basics

Where is my code?

The default Fusegrid SDK workspace provides a ColdFusion-on-Wheels quick start application and the default workspace is available at: [your-fusegrid-sdk-folder]/workspace/default

Where is the Railo Admin?

The Railo Admin is located in the default location at http://localhost:8280/railo-context/admin.cfm

I need to kill the Server

Terminate an active Fusegrid SDK server by pressing CTRL-C in shell or http://admin:admin@localhost:8280/admin-context then press “Exit All Servers”


“Fusegrid”, “Fusegrid SDK”, and the Fusegrid logo are Copyright © Cariboo Media 2009. All rights reserved.

This software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL version 2.0 or later. Fusegrid SDK is distributed under the terms of the GPL License. Read more details in the bundled LICENSE file. There are other pieces of software bundled with Fusegrid SDK so before using Fusegrid SDK, make sure you agree with all Licenses and/or Terms.

Stay in Touch

Comments on the project are more than welcome, we eoncourage users to feeback, oh and we also love bug reports!

Send an email to Team Fusegrid

Follow fusegrid-sdk on github or Fusegrid on Twitter for future developments

Fusegrid SDK is beta.

Check out the FusegridSDK project on GitHub: fusegrid-sdk

Follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our tweets for the latest updates: Follow our Tweets

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